When Google decides to make a change to their search algorithm, it makes a big splash in our industry.

Therefore, when Google released that all websites who have a form field must have an SSL certificate on the website (i.e. site has https:// instead of http://), WordPress perked up its ears.

Every WordPress website has a login form. It's how you access your admin to add posts and pages. So if you have a WordPress website, this means you!

What are the consequences of this change if you don't have an SSL? Click here to view this helpful article from Sucuri on how your website will appear to visitors if you have a WordPress website and DON'T have an SSL certificate.

The change may not even cost you a penny. As Sucuri states:

Often, your host will have options for enabling SSL. Many hosts even have a one-click SSL option which allows you to auto-generate a free Let’s Encrypt certificate.

Reach out to WP Care Market if you need help installing your SSL certificate and avoid the "Not Secure" warning on Chrome for your visitors.