Here we go again! WordPress is about to release 4.9, which will make this release the 9th update this year.

You can review the complete list of WordPress releases here:

We love a good update and so should you

Now, don't get us wrong, we love a good WordPress update. What we don't love is the groaning of users resisting updating their install.

Many users see their website running, therefore, don't see the need to update. "What if it breaks my site?" says the site owner.

Granted, many times WordPress updates and new features are released that may conflict with plugins installed on your website. This is why you need a backup every time you do an update and to check your site carefully.

However, most updates are security releases, have little to do with new features and require you to update in order to keep the install protected.

WordPress is not your iPhone

iPhone iOs releases an update about once a year with a few in-between for security fixes. So although site owners groan that they don't have to update their phone this much, they don't take into account the response time for the WordPress community to react to security vulnerabilities and roll out a release. This is a beautiful thing.

For this reason, as well, WordPress does not account for your plugins. Those authors will need to check their plugin against every release to make sure there are no conflicts - hence why plugins have a need to update when a new version of WordPress is released as well.

Update asap

So like an iPhone that forces an update after a certain period of time, your web host may do the same. Therefore, update your website asap and don't fear the complications. As long as you take careful steps to backup your website, you can restore if you have issues. If you do have issues, reach out to WP Care Market and we'll match you with a web pro that can help.